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LTD Berro offers delivery in routs:

Latvia (Riga) -> Netherlands -> Belgium -> France (Paris)
France (Paris) -> Belgium - Netherlands -> Latvia (Riga)

Conditions (packages can't contain):
- alcoholic beverages;
- tobacco products and electronic cigarettes;
- medications;
- and anything else that is prohibited by law.

Before handing over the shipment to the driver / receiver - show the contents of the bag / package.

If there is something fragile in the shipment - it is necessary to have a sticker: CAUTION GLASS !

Delivery prices:

Belgium - 35EUR*
Netherlands - 35EUR*
France - 35EUR*

* - shipments up to 20kg

For shipments over 20kg, price + 1.80EUR per kilogram.
For larger and non-standard shipments, the price can be agreed separately.